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Welcome to Dwysdom Marketing & Communications.   Our speciality is helping small businesses reach their fullest potential by developing real relationships, combing cutting edge technology and marketing practices and the wisdom and experience to tie it all together.  Combine that with our decades of experience of successfully helping businesses from construction and telecome to retail and restaurants to health insurance and real estate, we are well-versed in what works and what does not.

Every small business owner has a dream of what they would like their company to become.  We will help you clarify that vision, gain feedback from your team and customers; then help you craft a plan and execute it.  The truth is that it takes time, hard work and relentless focus on what is resonating with customers and what is not.  We are up to the challenge.  Let us help you.  In the meantime, please see how others feel about working with us.


  1. We will discuss your specific services needs via a free, no obligations 30 minute phone call.
  2. Once we agree on your specific service needs, you will receive a transparent pricing proposal from Dwysdom stating expectations and our exclusive unlimited access flat monthly fee.
  3. We start working for you.
  4. You receive timely and detailed reports from Dwysdom for your respective services.  These reports will include strategies for improvement, identification of new opportunities and detailed notes from consultation visits.

That's it.  Choose a time that fits your schedule below and we'll discuss your needs.



Our expertise is helping entrepreneurs and small businesses grow their client base, deepen relationships with existing clients and develop a unique and unmistakable brand.  We can help larger businesses as well but Dwysdom is not for everyone.

  • We don't value "hacks" and "shortcuts" over your long-term brand development and reputation.  To paraphrase marketing trailblazer Seth Godin, we value the "longcut".  If your objective is the quick score, Dwysdom is not a good fit.
  • We don't partner with companies who provide lackluster services or products to their clients.  If your service and product offerings are not trying to offer maximum value to your customers, Dwysdom is not a good fit.
  • We don't partner with companies who prioritize their bottom line above their customers.  Money matters (and we want you to make lots of it) or you wouldn't be in business.  However, if making the lives of others better through your service and product offerings is not the impetus, Dwysdom is not a good fit.


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